HR panel list accounts

The HR panel list account panel provides the number of clients created on the server allotted along with all particulars including domain name,allotted data username etc. It helps to manage the clients with ease of front end options. You might have provided shared hosting or webhosting to your customers, you can list all of them in a single page and check it.

With HR panel list account panel you can

  1. Create new clients.

  2. Delete the existing clients.

  3. Edit the existing client values.

  4. Change the password.

  5. Edit the main domain etc.

Hostingraja being one of the best hosting companies in India always delivers its clients the best of all the features and list accounts in one of them.

The front end interface of list accounts is as shown in the image below.

The above image shows the account created for username hostingra.

The IP address of the cloud or vps hosting server on which it is hosted is shown followed by that.

In the current disk space, we can see 480.2 KB/0 bytes. The 0 bytes in this case means the client has been allotted with unlimited disk space.

In the next column where we have the drop down menu the total number of domain addon domains are listed.

How to create the accounts ….???

The list account has its brotherhood panel named as create accounts whose front end interface looks as below

The account creation has become more easier with the front end interface options.

Domain name :

The domain name for which the account has to be created.The HR panel allows you to change this in the future.

Username  :

The username is most likely to be suggested by the HR panel as the dominative word what domain name consist but you will have the privilege to keep it as of your choice.

Password  :

To take the security of the HR panel to the next level the team has set certain rules while setting up a new password. The rules are listed below.

  1. The password should be of minimum 9 letters.

  2. The password should consist of a small letter, capital letter, a numeric as well as special character.

To reduce the effort of the user while creating the new password the team has provided the password generator which suggests the password obeying all the above-mentioned rules.

Just click on generate password and then the password will occupy the space allotted for it.

Package :

As of now the package available is only administration for the future reference where more packages can be included in the update the drop down menu is provided for that.

Email Address :

The email address of the client has to be entered .This will help contacting the client for various reasons for example reminding about updates and all.


Once you click on save the account will be created and the message will be displayed telling about the successful creation.if any errors respective errors will be displayed.

The created account will be displayed in the list accounts section.

The page provides search option and it helps searching for the accounts based on the domain name entered in it.

Editing the accounts.

Once you click on edit you will have the option to edit package ,Email-id, and resetting of the password.

In addition to these settings a option is provided which makes it easy to suspend the account you can select it by enable or disable option provided.

The password will not be displayed anywhere in the panel for security purpose.

The best feature of the HR panel is that it logs into the control panel in a single click.