HR panel Mail Alias

HR panel mail alias is the module created to bypass the mail for the defined mailboxes. This is more useful when the mailbox to which the original mail was sent has been deleted or disabled for some or the other reason.When a user thinks to buy a server he thinks what added benefits he gets.

Here is the Video on How to create Mail Alias in HR Panel:


The HR panel mail alias  functionality is as follows

If A’s alias is configured as B then the mails coming to A will be redirected. But both the A and B mail ids should be part ofsame domain hosted on Dedicated server hosting The interface to the mail alias looks as below imageThis is the simple interface with options to enter the alias address, followed by the domain name.
>>> First log into your HR panel and in the Mail click on Aliases

>>> Now in Create a new Alias you need to enter the details and click on create

>>> Now the new alias will be created and you can check in Current Aliases

>>> Once after creating a new alias and now if you want to delete then you can do so by clicking on "Delete" option in Current Aliases