How to reset the WHM password

Today in this technology world everyone wants to showcase their business products and services to the people around them and also to the people across the globe. And to do so one the best way is by having a website. And today if you are having a website and you want to reset your WHM password, you no need to worry about it. All you need to do is just follow the below steps and perform it.

If you want to change the WHM password you have  two options.

1.  You can change the change the password through WHM panel.

2.  Also you canable to change through SSH in your Reliable Dedicated Server.

How to change the Password through WHM panel.

Steps 1: Login to WHM panel=>Once you will login to WHM you will get Change Password option.

Steps 2: Click on Change Password=>Once you will click on Change

Password=>From there you have to fill Current password, New password and Confirm new password.

Steps 3: Once it will be done click on change.

How to change the Password through SSH in Dedicated Solution.

Steps 1: Login to SSH.

Steps 2: Once you will connect with SSH after that you have to run the below command.

Command:  setzadmin --set new-password

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