Important - Hosting Multiple Websites can be risky sometimes

If you are hosting multiple websites under a single hosting account, then you should read this. Please read this carefully. Hosting multiple websites under a same account is RISKY in terms of security.

Why hosting multiple websites in a single account can be risky for your business?

We know when it's said that you can host multiple website/domain in one hosting plan, most of the business or website owners will quickly do the math - For example paying Rs,85/ month for 3 websites is cheaper than 3 websites at Rs, 85/ month each. But that is not the right way if you are looking for better security of your website. Because if you are hosting multiple domains in on hosting account then it will be sharing the same root directory.  Which means that if a hacker get into your account, then they can easily access to all those folders. Hence all of your websites which are hosting that particular hosting accounting can be compromised at a single stroke.

But today, if you have hosted your websites, separately then you've isolated the individual sites. Hoping that you have included with strong passwords on each website account, because if you have done so then it is a lot of work for the hackers to go the damage that they could do in a single account with multiple domains.

And yes we know that it will cost more for you if you decide to host your websites separately or if you wish to have separate hosting accounts. But as you know today hosting has become inexpensive and what matters for your business is good uptime and also the reputation of your websites.

You may now say that maintaining multiple domains from a single account would be easier, But think how often do you access to your hosting account? Only one thing that will most commonly used - is creating or deleting an email account moreover that doesn’t happen very often. And yes, we know that it is bit difficult and also take a little extra time to manage and to maintain separate hosting accounts but again it’s very little compared to the danger of exposing multiple sites to a single hack.

So if you still want to host multiple domains or websites on a single hosting account then you can go with our Reseller account because with reseller account it allows you to manage multiple hosting accounts from a single interface. Using reseller account you can easily access to your various websites from a single place but to the rest of the world, it will appear as a separate account with separate passwords, file directories, and etc.

Another best option to host multiple websites on a single account is by moving to server solutions. In that case you can choose our VPS server solution which you get at a cheap price and you can also have multiple websites. And in VPS server you get better security and it also quite difficult to get hacked by hackers. In VPS account you will have a similar control panel to a reseller account, allowing you to access your sites from one place.


If anyone of your website is hacked, then your complete hosting account is compromised and it is very much possible that, all your website will be defaced or hacked. Note: Having separate account for each website is recommended from our technical team.

Very often, We encounter the following scenario, That's why we strongly suggest you to go with separate hosting account for each website.

  • Wordpress websites are very popular and at the same time, Most of the plugins are vulnerable and very easy to hack it. Important:  If you have a wordpress website, then have a separate account for wordpress. WordPress websites are hacked often due to vulnerabilities.  We have done more than 100+ security steps to prevent your website from hacking. But, still if you install a vulnerable plugin or keep a easy wordpress admin password, then your entire hosting account will be hacked.

  • PHP Websites: When you develop a PHP websites by yourself without any PHP framework, then it is most likely to have a loophole.  Take enough steps to protect your websites.

  • Avoid keeping your admin section as “admin” or “administrator”, keep your admin section tough for others to guess.

    • For example,


  • Avoid keeping a simple admin username and password. Always keep a tough admin username and password

  • DO NOT install unnecessary plugins for your wordpress websites, It not only risks your website, It will slow down your websites too.

  • Each account is having limited CPU and processor limits.  When you run multiple websites under a single account, then you may face slow loading issue. When you have a single websites under a single account, you get better performance.

  • Backup and Restoration:  We take a backup account wise, When there is a problem in your account, We will restore your complete account. In this case, You might lose your few days of updates in all your websites, rather than a single website.

  • Email limits are applied per account. When you run multiple websites and multiple accounts / many Email IDs, then you will run of your hourly email limits very soon.  When you have a multiple accounts, then you will not have eMail limit issues.

  • Inode count matters most. As our hosting plans are limited with inode count, you will run out of inode counts when you host multiple websites under single WebHosting