Information about Centos and it's Internal aspects

What is centos? What role it play in Web Server?

Centos is the open source version of Redhat Linux used used widely which are intended to host the web applications. The Centos are also planted on the dedicated which is required to fulfil the specific coding environment.

Information about Centos and Internal aspects

Clients who introduce CentOS likewise access up to 10 years of big business level security refreshes – inferable from its nearby connection with Red Hat.


This means CentOS is outfitted with a wide cluster of great security highlights, including an unbelievably intense firewall and the SELinux arrangement instrument. Factor in the expanded solidness appreciated by the conveyance, and it turns into a significantly more alluring decision.

CentOS's essential shortcoming is that it has a tendency to be less element rich than its companions. In spite of the fact that this is relieved to some degree by the capacity to include outsider archives, it is by the by saddled with a fairly awkward advancement cycle.


The refresh cycle for different dispersions goes between eighteen months and three years; CentOS sees another real discharge each three to five years.


Centos on servers

The dedicated solution is designed to fulfill the massive requirement of the website. It is the most expensive kind of hosting services but ders the worthy performance for it.


The users always have the confusion for the question of whether the dedicated has to be purchased or it has to be rented from the hosting services provider.

When owning a server includes the one more terminology ‘colocation’. This is the sense the server we buy will be placed at the datacenters wherein the peripheral requirements will be taken care by the datacenters.


The peripheral requirements may be like the air conditioner environment to set up the ideal temperature. The electricity requirement, Internet services and more.  


How secure are the dedicated solutions at the hostingraja?

Hostingraja gives the prime importance to security. In the field of hosting services, security of the server takes the dominant and vital role. The one who is hosting his data always wishes his confidential data to be secured from the hackers or spam activities which are happening quite frequently nowadays.


Hostingraja servers are featured with plenty of security aspects that make them more secure and stable. one of these is Real-time Malware injection scan.


prevention is better than cure. Hostingraja works on this principle. Instead of taking the action after a server is infected we always prefer the server to be more resistant. Real-time Malware injection scan rejects such suspicious content in the file to get into the server.


One more type of possible threat to the server could be the executable files. These files can run on the server and this could lead to the misbehavior of the server.The Executable file could be of type .php or any other.

The hostingraja servers are empowered with Realtime PHP/Mysql injection scan. This features scans for the executable file injection through any of the means. The scan simply rejects such files to enter the server. As a security aspect to the mails, it uses spam filters which acts as the spam emails to enter the mailboxes. Hostingraja provides the free backup and restores facility in the each of the servers. Most of the web hosting India provider charges for the same.


Support and other benefits at HostingRaja

The support team at hostingraja are excelled in providing the quick resolution of the client's queries and issues. The plans designed at hostingraja fulfills most of the requirements of the client's websites.


In case if a client is in need of the different set of configuration then hostingraja provides the provision to create a custom plan to fulfill their needs. This gives them lots of space to the client while hosting his website with our server.


Hostingraja provides the two types of dedicated solutions depending on the operating system configured. A Linux server and a Windows server. Both the types of hosting services offer their own kind of advantages. For more details about the plans and features offered kindly contact the sales team at hostingraja or you can also navigate to