Install nginx on Centos/ Redhat 7 in Linux VM


What is Nginx ?

Nginx is the open source web server software, which is more flexible and lightweight than the apache http server. It also performs other activities like  reverse proxying,caching media streaming, load balancing and more. In addition to the http server capabilities it also function as the proxy server for email for IMAP, SMTP and POP3 servers.

 The Nginx beats the apache and other servers in measuring the web server performance. Since the nginx has come into picture the simple html pages have upgraded to the dynamic, multifaceted content. The Nginx is now grown and supports all modern web including websocket,HTTP/2 and streaming of multiple video formats.




Ngnix is very powerful combination when it works with Linux servers

We provide ngnix servers with Linux VPS or with any linux based dedicated servers such as Ubunto or Centos.  When compared to other web servers, Ngnix does not use threads concept to handle all the incoming request, It used much more robust and scallable event based solution, Which makes it more attractive and efficient for linux platform. One of the attractive point for HostingRaja customers are, It comes with pre-built, and as a customer who wants to Linux servers, you dont need to install or configure to make it work.


Nginx the powerful web server

The Nginx though has been reputed as the fastest web browser ,it also has its extended level of capabilities compared to other web serving softwares. It can perform various other functions too. It can handle high volume of connections, The Nginx is commonly used as the reverse proxy and load balancer to manage the incoming traffic and distribute it to slower upstream servers.


Nginx is also usually placed between the clients and the web server,it is used  as an TLS,SSL terminator or a web accelerator. Acting as an intermediate web server the nginx perfectly manages the  tasks that can possibly slow down your web server, such as negotiating the SSL/TLS or compression and caching to improve performance of the server.


Installation of nginx on centos/Redhat 7

Installation of the nginx on centos/ Redhat 7 is a simple process.

Step 1.

Add nginx repositories.

To add the nginx repositories open the terminal and run the below command.

Sudo yum install epel-release.


Step 2.

Install nginx

Sudo yum install nginx

With this the nginx will get installed on the server.

NGINX has been released for the purpose of production in the year 2004 and very soon became a popular alternative to Apache web server suite. It consists of event-driven design, which will be well suitable for today’s computer hardware compared to Apache’s process-driven design. Due to this, NGINX is often considered as the faster alternative to Apache. It can handle a higher load of concurrent connections by using fewer resources. There are several comparisons between Apache and NGINX. But finally, the selection of the web server platform completely dependents on what you are going to do with the server.