Java Plans -  Generating a CSR in Tomcat

Mainly for your SSL online request form we must need to create CSR and key pair. Get the detail information about how to generate CSR for your website. Then finally you need to put that CSR text in to the CSR field. Before generate make sure that Java 2 SDK 1.2 or above installed. After install use "keytool" command.

Step 1:
Double click on your servers SSH client to log in to the SSH server terminal

Step 2:
Use IP address or host name, and then the using port server

Step 3:
Choose SSH as the Connection type, and then click Open

Step 4:
Type the server's username, and then press Enter on your keyboard

Step 5:
Type the server's password, and then press Enter

Step 6:
Type the following command, and then press Enter

"keytool -keysize 2048 -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA -keystore tomcat.keystore"  

Step 7:
Type a new password which you want to create for keystore and Enter

Step 8:
Then again re-enter your password again Enter

Give the following information  for Organization:

First and last name?
Type the website URL or domain name, Make sure that you entered correct domain name which you want to secure.

Name of your organization unit?
Here you can differentiate between divisions within an organization.

Name of your organization?
Kindly input your domain name which is legally registered. If you are an individual person type certificate requestor's name.

Country: Enter your Country name where is legally registered in ISO country code format.
State: Provider your correct state name where your organization located.
City or Locality: Enter city name which is organization registered.

Press Y to confirm that your Organizational information and press Enter

For password creation in your alias, tomcat, or press Enter on your keyboard to keep it the same as your keystore password.

Then Generate CSR

Step 1: Type  the following command, and then press Enter

  keytool -certreq -alias tomcat -file csr.txt -keystore tomcat.keystore  

Step 2: For Generating key pair password enter the keystore password then press Enter.

  • If the password is correct, the CSR is created.
  • If the password is incorrect, a password error displays.

Step 3: Enter the following command to retrieve your csr, and then press Enter.
cat csr.txt

Step 4: To copy your CSR, highlight it from -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST to END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----, then Enter

Paste it into SSL online application.

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