Force Tomcat to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS in Cloud Machine?


What does HTTPS mean ?


It refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https). It is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an authentication and security protocol widely implemented in browsers and Web servers.


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What is the importance of HTTP ?


For instance, unsecured HTTP activity can be read by anyone on the same network,  such as your ISP or with the users with whom you share the same network. Whereas, HTTPS or SSL Certificate is ensuring the privacy, security and the way of authenticating that the site you’re on is the one you are about to visit.

Let’s Get Down To The Technical Part Now On Now To Force Redirect HTTP Connections To HTTPS On Tomcat Server.

Follow the below given steps, for redirecting the domain from HTTP to HTTPS connection on Tomcat server.



1: Login to  the tomcat server and go the path below.


server.xml, it will be under the /conf/server.xml


Where you can see the below code.


<Connector port=”80? protocol=”HTTP/1.1?


redirectPort=”8443? />


Change it to.


<Connector port=”80? protocol=”HTTP/1.1?


redirectPort=”443? />


2. Then, To force Tomcat to redirect and revert all requested HTTP traffic to HTTPS,


configure the `conf/web.xml` file with the below code.


Place this code very end of the file near and above the ending `</webapp>` tag:




<web-resource-name>Automatic Forward to HTTPS/SSL










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