KVM Virtual Private Server India


Virtual Private Server is a virtual system environment comparable to a dedicated server. Several customers share a physical host, with RAM, CPU, HDD and network resources available exclusively. Each VPS operates independently of the other virtual servers that use the shared host because both operating system and Internet services are distributed. With our VPS solutions you increase security and improve the overall performance of your websites and applications. We can also take over server administration for you.

KVM Based Virtual Private Hosting

The KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a Linux kernel infrastructure for full virtualization and is, in principle, comparable to real hardware, as opposed to market-based virtual servers . Benefits include a lower overhead and increased performance due to guaranteed resources such as RAM and HDD. There are 1 or 2 virtual CPU cores depending on the VPS package to choose from. Nearly every common Linux distribution, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows can be installed.


Powerful VPS Powered by VMware


Our flexible cloud platform is based on state-of-the-art storage virtualization technologies from leading vendors: HP 3PAR and VMware vSphere. Currently there are 2 pre installed operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server and Linux Centos with 1 or 2 virtual CPU cores depending on the VPS package. Full flexibility like assigning hardware resources during operation or providing virtual machines in the shortest possible time are just some of the many advantages of our VMware solution.

KVM vps plans   

Speed and Scalability

KVM VPS server will better option for Online booking websites, eCommerce shopping websites, High scale business websites also well organized corporate industries. If we go with VPS then we can handle worldwide high traffic and lack of any users. In addition not much maintenance also there is no restrictions in many technical views. Also VPS can be customized as per the client's website requirements based on his business and end users. In KVm vps servers allow users to create sub domains if needed.


Servers, as seen in the VPS price comparison, thus increase the security of the system and improve overall performance by the optimal and even distribution of hardware resources. Failures and updates remain limited to a few users due to VPS and do not affect all customers alike. If some website consume too much traffic, then there may not be enough space available to other customers on the same server. This can cause errors on the web page caused by overloading the database or web server. These kind of problem will not happen in VPS Servers.

Virtual Private Server Unique Features

?  Realtime Malware Injection Scan

?  Realtime PHP/Mysql Injection Scan

?  Option to choose Apache / Ngnix

?  Varnish Cache For Better server to speed

?  SPAM protection, Isolating spammers

?  MySql Query optimization, MySQL cache optimization

?  Top FREE Software load balancer (On request)