Setting up of Newsletter on Magento Website

Magento is an open source CMS which offers the business owners a chance to expand their business on the internet. Magento is a powerful system and it is easy to customize. In Magento, you will be having a good security system. Magento has 2 type of versions of Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. The overall performance of Magento is good with reliable features and extensions.

Creating the newsletter is a kind of communication method with the clients. Buyers will subscribe to the newsletters by making use of Magento. Clients will register for the newsletter during the time of creating the new client account and it will consist of the checkbox for registration. For creating the newsletters, you have to enable the newsletter option in the Magento to ensure that clients have confirmed to receive the newsletter.

Steps to enable newsletter on the Magento website:

Step-1: Go to the System and choose the Configuration and select the Advanced option in the Advanced section towards the left side of the navigation bar.

Step-2: You need to expand the Disable Modules Output panel, and search for Mage_Newsletter option and need to Enable it.

Steps to configure the newsletter settings on the Magento website:

Step-1: Need to login to the Magento Admin Panel.

Step-2: Visit the System menu and select the Configuration option.

Step-3: Towards the left side of the navigation bar, visit the Customer section and select the Newsletter option.

Step-4: Later you need to expand the Subscription Options panel. Need to select the Yes for Need of confirmation field. Yes means that clients need to subscribe to the newsletter. And select the Save Configuration button to apply the changes.

Steps to create a newsletter template on Magento website:

Before sending the Newsletter you need make sure that you create a newsletter template. For creating the newsletter template, follow the below step:

Step-1: You have to log in to the Magento Admin Panel.

Step-2: Visit the Newsletter and choose the Newsletter Templates and click on the Add New Template option.

Step-3: You will be able to see some of the settings which are related to the newsletter template. And need to fill up all the required fields and select the Save Template option:

  • Template Name − It means the name of the template.
  • Sender Name & Sender Email − It specifies the name and e-mail of the sender which has to be sent to the clients.
  • Template Subject − It is the subject of email which will be received by the client.
  • Template Content − It offers the text editor and permits the entry of HTML code of the body of the e-mail.

Steps to Send the Newsletter on the Magento website:

You will be able to send the newsletters to your subscribers by queuing the template:

Step-1: Visit the Newsletter menu and select the Newsletter Queue option and that will display the newsletter templates.

Step-2: To send the Newsletter to the clients, you need to go to the Newsletter and select the Newsletter Templates and choose the Queue Newsletter from the drop-down menu which is in the bottom of the right side of the Newsletter Template page.

Step-3: The page which pops up offers few options as shown in the below screenshot:

  • Queue Date Start − It will be selecting the date of sending the newsletter
  • Subscribers From − It will display both former and current subscribers of the list.
  • Subject − It will specify the subject of an email.
  • Sender Name & Sender Email − It specifies the name and e-mail of the sender which has to be sent to the clients.
  • Message − It offers the text editor and permits the entering message of the e-mail

To send the newsletter to the subscribers you need to fill up all the fields and click on the save newsletter option which is in the top right corner.