Mail tab Missing

 from Plesk - Windows VPS Plan


Mail service is enabled for subscription, however, Mail tab is missing.


Mail tab exists, however, when clicking it, Plesk shows Permission Denied.


Service plan or resources of the customized subscription does not provide requested resources (number of mailboxes is set to 0)

Database inconsistency, possibly due to the subscription being created before the mail server installation. As a result, the service entry is missing from the database.


?heck the option Enable mail management functions in Plesk in Tools & Settings > Mail > MailServer Settings in the Plesk control panel or try to activate mail service for the domain by command-line while logged in to the server via RDP as follows:

“%plesk_dir%\bin\domain” –update -mail_service true

“%plesk_dir%\bin\domain” –info | findstr /C:”Mail service”

Note: replace in the command to the corresponding domain name.

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