When Website is Hacked, what I have to Do?

There could be many reasons by which theĀ  web hosting accounts can be hacked. The hacking can be performed for a personal achievement of the hacker as well as in hosting the phishing content, this will be stealing the passwords as well as the personal data. For spreading the viruses or the malware or in sending the smap report or an email through an account. Once it has been hacked, you will be required to restore the website for a backup. Here are few steps by which one can restore the website from a backup.

Backups Best Option for a Hacked Account

Backups are one of the best ways by which one can recover the website from a hacked account. When it comes to HostingRaja the backups are available every time. If the account has been hacked recently then you will be able to restore the website files with a backup from the cPanel >> R1Soft tool.

One must remember that backups are not a guaranteed option hence it is recommended in keeping a local copy of the latest clean files of the website. One should be able to download as well as maintain the copies of the database files as well.

If the account has been hacked before the availability of the backups then the Site Manager backups will not be able to retain a cleaner version they will only be having the cracked files. You will be able to manually create the cPanel backup through the cPanel>> Backup tools, this you will be able to use at a later part for restoration through the same tool.

If you are looking for a copy of the database from the backup then you will be able to do it from PHPMyAdmin. If there is a need of database backup restoration then it can be done manually you will be required to submit the support requests. If the account has been hacked then there could be issues of vulnerability in the hosting account which will be required to be fixed.

Hence it is highly recommended in maintaining an incremental backups of the account. You will be able to create the backups in cPanel >> Backups.

Cleaning of Website and Prevention from Hacking

There are few steps by which you can restore the account security as well as prevent it from a possible future compromise. One of the most common reasons of a compromised web hosting account is the vulnerabilities in the user scripts.

Updating the Website

One must ensure that all the scripts that have been running are having the latest versions in it. There are popular scripts which can be used for hacking. Hence there are so many website that are using it it is been searched for the vulnerabilities of being hacked.

There are older version of the scripts which will be having some security concerns which will be dealt with in its latest release. The plugins, addons, modules as well as themes should also be kept updated. Hence one must be sure that each of it is the latest version and has been secured from any type of compromise. Hence one must do a research before the installation of a third part addon, script them as well as module.

If there has been any issue risen because of a specific addon then one can find the information of it easily online. You will easily be able to update the scripts if it has been originally installed by using the Softaculous tool in the cPanel. Here the softaculous will be updating any type of scripts that has been installed but it should not be in the custom modules, themes, addons or the plugins.

There are many other versions of the popular scripts that will be having an easy update installer in the admin/backend areas. You will just have to log in and then follow the prompts for successfully updating the account scripts.

If you are not been able to access the Admin backend for the script, or if the update is not working then you can visit the website for the script for finding out a more detailed support documentation for the things like that of the hacked installed and the manual updates.

Scanning of the Website

It is the second most common method for hacking is the usage of malicious files on the computers that will be having the account access. There are many viruses/malware/adware that will be looking for the web hosting accounts as well as passwords for sending it to the attackers. Here the second step in the cleaning of the account and security scanning is the scanning of all computers which is used for logging into the account via cPanel, FTP, email, Site Manager for the malware and the viruses.

You can even use Malwarebytes, as it a good application for cleaning the malicious malware and adware.

Checking the File

One must be sure of checking each and every file which is hosted. There are attackers who could leave vulnerable files on the account, this can be used for gaining the access to the account in the future. You can check it by looking for the files that does not belong to you, or which you havent uploaded. Downloading and viewing the source for all the files to check if there has been any suspicious or hacking attempts.

Password Protection is a Must

One of the most important step is to change password to a highly secured password for cutting off any other further attacks. This will include the main account password, all the email account passwords as well as the custom FTP user account password. Without changing of these the attackers will not be having a full access to the account, but they still be getting the portions of the website for checking of the remaining vulnerabilities for gathering the personal information.

There are a large number of websites been hacked on a daily basis mainly because of the use of weak passwords, hence the password should never be a common dictionary word as it can be easily guessed or cracked by the usage of brute force attack. Here the cPanel system will be having an excellent password generator that uses online generators for creating a highly secured password. Hence one must be extremely careful with whom you are trusting your password to.