Scheduling Tasks (Cron Job)

Scheduled Task (Cron Jobs) is a tool which is provided by the Plesk control panel. This tool allows the user to run the scripts at a specific time. When the scripts starts running at a specific time the system will automatically run the scripts for you. The Scheduled Task in Plesk is matching cron jobs in the cPanel control panel.


Majorly the assignment of scheduled tasks (i.e. to start and end) are subjected to certain constraints. These constraints are either time constraints (payloads have to be installed before the doors are closed) or resource constraints.


If you need to run scripts on your reseller hosting account at a specific time, use the task scheduler in Plesk to make the system automatically run the scripts for you.

Steps to run Schedule Tasks (Cron Job) in Plesk Panel

Step 1Login plesk panel. After logging in you need select the option Websites and domains from the list. After clicking on Websites &
Domains you can see scheduled tasks.

Websites & Domains > Scheduled Tasks.

Website and domains

Step 2: For creating a scheduled task. You need to click on Run a command, then type in the command example (touch/tmp/test.txt) then choose the option from hourly, daily, weekly monthly, yearly and Cron style. You can even specify the time at which you want to run the command. 

go to
Websites & Domains > Scheduled Tasks > Add Task.

schedule task

You are required to select the task type, depending on your purpose.

Note: By default the time is in the server time zone; if you need to select a different time zone, go to Websites & Domains tab > Scheduled Tasks > Settings. You can also set a description for the task


By following the above steps you will be able to schedule a task.