Managed Autoscale Cloud

List of the virtual server in the cloud service. Under the "Status" option get to know the current status of the running virtual server.

Manage cloud
In the "Actions" section, there are three options like Manage, Delete, and Suspend.



1. Status: The current status of the VM automatically refreshes every 1 minute.

2. Uptime:
In server uptime, if in case the server goes down, it can be found out here.

3. CPU / Memory Usage:
Here we get the CPU Memory usages.

4. Root Password:
Show's the option to get the VM password, and also you can able to reset the password from here.

IP Addresses 

In this section, You can get the IP address assigned to your server.

IP address IP address

Usage Records History

In this section, you can get the hourly usage for the VM based on the Disk Size, Memory Size, and CPU Number. The total calculation happened on Every 1 hour.

Cost display Cost display

Resource Usage Chart

In this section, you can get the monthly bandwidth usage for your VMs.


Click on the "Delete" option to remove the VMs.


Click the "Suspend" option to dismiss the VMs.