open basedir issue

What is meant by open_basedir?

The open_basedir is a function that defines the locations or paths from which PHP is authorized to access files using functions like gzopen() and fopen(). If a file or document defined by open_basedir which is outside of the paths is outside of the paths, then PHP will deny to open it in shared web hosting.

PHP Error

Unknown: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is not within the allowed path(s)


The open_basedir function defines the paths from which PHP is allowed to access files using functions. If a file is outside of the paths defined by open_basdir, PHP will refuse to open it in shared web hosting.


You can set open_basedir to none to remove this restriction.


open_basedir limits all I/O operations in userspace PHP to a certain configurable subset of the filesystem, in particular to a number of directories and their subdirectories


open basedir error open basedir error


How to fix this issue?

Step - 1 : You have an exclusive alternative to disable open_basedir in the php.ini by utilizing the following:

open_basedir = none

Check and alter the open_basedir settings in your hosting account and set them to none. Search and get the open_basedir setting below the 'PHP Settings' area of your Plesk/cPanel. And lock it as 'none' from the drop-down. I have shown them in the Plesk panel picture for Windows Reseller hosting.

php stings


open dir

Step - 2 : Kindly refer below steps to enable open_basedir  from cPanel, Which is the default control panel in our Linux shared hosting.


select php version


Step - 3 : Click on “Switch to PHP Options”.


switch php option

open basedir value open basedir value

Step - 4 : Click on save


click on save

Following these steps above you shall come to know how to resolve the open_basedir issue on your own. For any other information check our help.