How to start with hosting a website?


When you plan to have a website of yourself you will need to undergo a procedure in which the server, domain name panel, your website files are included, let us take a look at each of the steps deeply.

1.  Designing a website (It can be an intermediate step in some cases)


Get your website designed by the web designer companies, freelancers or via any other source. When you complete your website designing you will have some factors with you like on what coding platform has it coded.? What all are the possible resources you needed. You can get the expert advice for the precise values. Our HostingRaja team will also help you analyse your website.


 2.Buying a domain name.


There are numbers of domain name providers from which you can search and buy the domain name. The domain name prices vary with the extensions. It is always a better option to get the domain name and hosting service under a single roof as it will be helpful to debug the possible errors in the future.


3. Choosing the Ideal hosting service.


Hosting service is the most crucial part when it comes to accomplishing the intention of your website. As per your website requirement choose the best plan that is suitable and even affordable for you. When you buy a hosting service with hostingraja you will get a free domain name along with it.


4. Deploy the DNS server details


You need to deploy the DNS server details on the domain panel and additional details in the server. When you buy a domain name you will be provided with a panel from which you can control all your needs. You can do it by yourself or can be done by the support team from whom you buy your hosting service.


5. Upload the website files.


You need to upload the website files into the server you can do it by FTP or the file manager of the panel provided with you. Once the upload is complete and your domain name is live you are ready to launch your website.

There are other configurations that you need to perform on your server and domain name panel. To know more visit