Linux or Windows - Which is Good for Website Speed?

Several companies offer 2 types of hosting services: Linux and Windows Hosting. In simple words Linux hosting refers to shared server hosting using Linux as operating system for hosting a website, one of the most popular and widely used type of hosting. Numerus of websites are hosted on Linux based hosting because of int flexibility and affordability. Linux based hosting is compatible with MySQL and PHP, which supports popular scripts for example WordPress, phpBB, ZenCart etc. Windows based solutions utilizes Windows server as a operating system and supports all Windows based technologies for example ASP. .NET, MS Access and MSSQL server. Linux is highly recommended hosting solution from the speed point of view.

Linux or Windows Both can work for you!

The option you have when buy from HostingRaja shared hosting package is whether to opt for Linux or Windows based technology. Both of the formats functions on any system and efficient of empowering powerful websites.

The OS (operating system) that you utilize on your PC should not control your choice, all HostingRaja hosting packages comes with full FTP access and broad variety of web page publishing choices, therefore in case your PC runs on Microsoft Windows Operating system for example, it does not mean you need to choose Microsoft Windows hosting. Linux plan Works perfectly as well as Windows hosting.


In general, is Linux server or Windows server recommended as a better option?

In general it is difficult to make a recommendation because the selection of server is totally depends in the requirements of your business, project or website. But Linux Server has the varioubenefits of working on more than 70% of web servers globally and it is well known for its speed and reliability, so that in can be a bigger advantage of going with a Linux hosting service.


Linux server is a free to use open source platform, furthermore, web hosting companies do not have to pay any kind of fees to obtaining Linux as their web servers operating system (OS). Due to this hosting companies are capable of giving Linux hosting for cost-effective rates.

Which Service Should You Choose?

These two types of hosting solution comes with same level of security and proficiently. So the selection of service is totally depends on what sort of technologies you are using for your website. To give an example, suppose you are planning to start a blog with WordPress or Joomla or going to set up an online discussion forum utilizing phpBB, in that situation Linux will be ideal choice for you. Although in case you need specific Microsoft based technologies for your website such as MSSQL, you need to choose Windows server hosting solution.