Tips for Fixing Broken Website

If you are having a website then there are chances of your website being down due to different reasons. One could say that there has been no changes or updates been made from days or months. One can follow some of the troubleshooting methods for trying and restoring a regular service when you have opted a web hosting service.

Identifying the Issues in a Website

You need to check if the entire website is down. Is there only a few locations or pages which is throwing an error message? Or Is the same error message or the problem is arising in all the website browsers?

Testing of the Server Resources

When there is any connectivity issues somewhere between the machine and the server. One cannot bring up any other website. One cannot bring up any other website, here the trouble can be of the local internet connection by which the local internet connection through an occasional certain IP ranges in the different locations that have been blocked.

  • One can test the website through a proxy server there are many websites available to check one of them is
  • One can check the disk space as well. When a server account is filled up it will usually crash.
  • One can check for the server load itself, as if there is spike in the traffic or the DDoS is able to prevent any successful connections.
  • Checking it for making it sure that the DNS have been updated and been correctly resolved.


Identification of the Changes

If you are not able to find any information of the previous steps then it is most likely that some sort of update has caused the problem. If you haven't changed anything on the website files then you must also make sure that no one else also hasn't done anything.

One must check to see if the updates have been applied to Apache, MySQL, the site application or the other programs have been applied.

Security and Hardware

Many of the softwares like Wordpress or Joomla is more vulnerable to the hackers. It can sometimes be very difficult in spotting the attack as they would like to retain a long term access. One must never rule out the any of the issues like a corrupted disk or memory. If the possible is testing a blank setup in another directory or the account on that server then there are chances of triggering the same type of errors.

Resolving the Issues

Wherever it is possible and necessary you will be required to update the tools of the website for making it work again. Our support will not be able to modify the coding of your website. But in all possible manner we will guide in all the possible ways to make your website work again.