How To Increase Website Performance?

Today, if you look around a lot of people, are using the website and web hosting services for their business. And today having website for a business play an important role of business, with the help of a website it very easy to get connected with your customers and you can also get a quick response of the service and products that you are offering. Moreover, today if you have a website then you can easily showcase your business products and services to the people around you and also to the people across the globe.

But today if you are already using a website for your business and now if you are looking for information on how to increase your website performance then here is the complete information on it. So when it comes to website performance there are numerous factors that can add to single sites or email accounts being unavailable that don't, shockingly, 'check' as far as server downtime, or may cause site speed issues.

Here is the information on how to increase your website performance;

>>> MySQL databases being out of date

If there are any slow connections from a website application to the database server then at that time it will result in down since most browsers or tracking services only allow a certain number of seconds for a page connection to load before they time out and report errors. So you can overcome this issue by doing the instance and maintaining the database frequently with PHPMyAdmin optimization and repair tools

>>>> PHP scripting issues can cause delays or timeouts

The other cause of low performance of a website is due to some PHP scripts that help to run or maintain your website will not be optimized if you are using shared hosting. So these can be scripted self-coded or tools like themes, plugins, or other site modules. And by keeping your PHP script upto date or ensuring that code for such scripts will be optimized for your server's PHP and these setting can make a big difference.


But with HostingRaja you no need to worry about it because your server is running one of the recent and latest versions of PHP where we update it regularly. You can also tweak memory, timeout, and other settings locally with a php.ini file in your web directory.

>>>> Abusive connections via MySQL or Apache


If there are any search bots or if someone is opening a lot of connections there are limits in the shared hosting environment to how many simultaneous connections can be open at the same time. But you can check this with some of your logs tool in your cPanel. At any point if somebody visits the website it opens no less than one connection and if those limits begin to top off from over the top movement, just on your site alone, we will never be hailed since there are no server issues yet your remote instruments like Pingdom may report that it was not able to get in an interface.