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Qcodo Hosting

Qcodo is an robust open source php framework which aims to provide quality structure and quick solutions making developers free from unnecessary, tedious coding. Interesting fact about this framework is that the websites that are powered by Qcodo are capable of generating over 100 million page views each month. It also made an immediate application growth that focuses mainly on fast iterations and quick prototypes.
Qcodo Dedicated Plans
Qcodo development framework server plans

There are many features stands out in this framework compared with other open source based PHP frameworks.
  • You can have Fully-integrated PHP based AJAX support since no Java Scripting is required.

  • It is having Built-in database profiling tools.

  • You can do Code generation based on object relational model.

  • It has Component based event driven view or controller library.

  • Object oriented database querying library So no SQL required.

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  • We give you Multiple PHP Support.

  • Realtime PHP Vulnerability Check.

  • Email Spam filter is present in our server.

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About Qcodo Framework


"Qcodo is an open-source PHP web application framework which builds an object-relational model (ORM), CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) UI pages, and AJAX hooks from an existing data model. It additionally includes a tightly-integrated HTML and JavaScript form toolkit which interfaces directly with the generated entities. It is a robust, comprehensive framework which can be utilized by small and large Web applications alike.


The project is unmaintained as of 2015 and has not been updated since 2011."



System Requirement
  • PHP 5.4 and above

  • Supports databases such as SQL database engine. MySQL, SqlServer, Postgres, Oracle, PDO, SqlLite.

Installation of Qcodo PHP framework

If you are willing install this beautiful framework then you need to download the latest version of it from the link mentioned below:


Qcodo PHP Plans
Qcodo development framework php plans

Once the download gets completed extract it and move the entire folder to your server by providing it with appropriate file ,folders permissions and ownerships. Check with the requirements once again from its official page and make sure that all extensions required are present in the server. Then you can start your work by using this framework.