How to Check SSL is Already Installed in Domain or not?

To ensure that the SSL certificate  has been already installed on your domain name and working properly as well as that your valuable customers are certain s secure connection is facilitated and it covers information transmission through your site, you have the given below indicators:

  • A Padlock or lock icon visible in the URL bar of your browser.

  • No error warnings or messages appeared when connecting via

  • A website seal offered by the Certificate Authority installed and visible while surfing your website.

SSL Checker Tools

There are numerous of SSL Checker Tools available on the web to help you diagnose the problems related to SSL installation and verify whether SSL is installed properly or not. You can check the SSL certificate on your server to ensure it is properly installed, just enter your server’s public hostname in the SSL checker tools like SSL SSLShopper and you will come to know whether SSL is installed on your domain name or not.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an encryption technology that was in the beginning developed by Netscape in 1990’s. A SSL certificate creates an encrypted and secured connection between a web server and users web browser, permitting for private information and details to be transmitting with the issues of data tempering, information stealing etc.

To have an SSL installed on your website, you will have to get an SSL certificate from SSL providers and install in on your web server. When any web server utilize an SSL certificate it generally show green bar or padlock icon. Once you installed an SSL on your web server, you can access your website securely by altering the URL from http:// to https://. If SSL certificate is installed correctly, the information and data transmitted between the web server and the web browser is encrypted and only accessible by the business that owns the web page.

Large number of businesses use SSL certificate to protect their website and enable their customers to put confide in them. In order to utilize the SSL , a Web server needs to use an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are offered by CA’s (Certificate Authorities).


Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate?

Data transferred on a normal text or in a no-encrypted format can be stolen, intercepted, captured, compromised easily. Most of the transactions done via web contains personal details such as credit card details, login credentials, social security numbers etc. Cybercriminals who capture decoded communications will get full access to this information and can utilize it for deceitful buys and activities.

Trust and security are the key factors that makes people confident to share private details, sensitive data on the web. SSL certificates are what makes any website secured and trusted. Online businesses must utilize an SSL certificate to protect website on the off chance that they want to take online payments or want their online visitors to share confidential information. Apart from creating necessary trust and believe into your web page, SSL certificates also assist with Search Engine Efforts, now that top search Google has start giving ranking preferences to SSL enabled websites. In simple word, SSL will help you to get good rank in Google search.