Reseller Web  How to login to WHM

A WHM or a Web Host Manager is a program which allows the user for administrative access to the reseller hosting account
. As a reseller host, you will require a separate
cPanel accounts for every single web account in your reseller package. This will allow each of the clients for logging in to their cPanel for managing their web account. Through a WHM interface, the system administrator will be able to manage, modify or remove the cPanel accounts. Through a WHM a reseller will also be able to assign the settings to different cPanel as well he will be able to create the packages. A WHM is one of the best tools that save a lot of users time while managing an account.

Step by Step guide to login to WHM


Step1 - For accessing the login page, you just need to add the whm i.e /whm at the end of the domain name in the address bar. For example if the domain name is then you need to enter in the address bar.



Step 2 - Now from the WHM login page you need to enter in the username as well as the password.


Step3: Once you have typed in the username as well as the password button you need to click on the login button.


Step4: Once you have logged into the WHM, you will manage all the cPanel accounts through a WHM.


These were the four simple steps by which you will be able to login to your WHM by purchasing a reseller hosting package from us.


When you purchase a reseller web account from us. Website developers will be successfully be able to have a successful website hosting service or business. One will be able to provide with a website hosting service as well be able to create the websites. One of the best thing in a reseller account is that web developer will be able to host the clients websites from their own reseller website hosting account. We provide three different plans in our reseller hosting package, you can choose the best one according to the needs of your business.