How to Start a Hosting Reseller Business

What do you mean by Hosting Reseller Business?


A reseller essentially resells the resources that he paid for a parent hosting to a different party. Therefore, resellers are not real providers. Most of the clients required secured service nowadays. Customers will not like it if they are paying for some service provided by a middleman. As a reseller, you required to rebrand and repackage by yourselves to disguise that you do not appear to be the middleman. So, by erasing the fact that you are the middleman, it will offer you great credibility to your customers.


The method of rebranding and repackaging is not so difficult. Most of the hosting companies offer their users with tools to redesign their control panel. You will be able to create your own logo and place it on your sales page to make it very professional. The goal is to let the buyer assume that you are the hosting company itself.


Become a web host reseller and you will simply be on your way to having a profitable business. Once you own a website hosting service, it provides you with the access of setting up, managing, administering, and operating the back-end technicalities of websites, domain management, and emails not only of your company but of others as well.



Make sure you select the right Reseller Hosting Plan:


The reseller hosting plan has to be chosen wisely, in the initial stages. Because it is the method of gaining access to wholesale server resources. That might be divided at a later stage, as per your requirements, then it can be allocated to your customers as per their requirements.


Hence, it will become a matter of paramount importance that you simply pay attention to the attributes and features of your plan offers before you put money on it. If you purchase bulk servers resources, you may naturally be obtaining huge discounts and therefore you'll be ready to get more profit from your clients.


Yet another aspect to be considered is the reliability and reputation of the source, from where the hosting reseller plans are brought. A reliable source will provide an excellent service, and their reputation can assist you to grow your business faster.


Important benefits of reseller hosting business:


Most of the reseller hosting businesses provide a huge variety of benefits to their customers:


1)Domain reseller accounts permit the hosting company to resell or buy domain name to customers and provides the free end customer support.


2)SSL reseller accounts permit the hosting company to resell SSL certificates to their customers.


3)WHMCS, a customer management, billing, and support solution that is specially designed for web hosts. It turns your website into an all-purpose store with all the functionalities.


4)SSL for hosting domain secures all transactions on the website. In fact, most of the laws require that websites that accept credit cards as payment option must require SSL security on their website. In a  hosting reseller business, the company will provide SSL to the domain name to secure all the transactions on the website.


In addition to the huge number of benefits available to the customers (i.e purchaser of services), the operation of the reseller hosting business is quite easier than it sounds.In fact, you don’t require extensive technical knowledge to run a reseller hosting business. As a hosting reseller, you’re only responsible for maintaining websites of your clients and concentrating on reseller hosting business. The hosting partner whom you have built your business is responsible for all other maintenance. Therefore you do not need to worry about network infrastructure, routing problems, hardware problems,  securing the network from DDOS attacks and much more.