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HostingRaja provides the best web hosting India when it comes to security and protecting customer's interest. HostingRaja gives more importance to the security of customer's data and website hacking prevention. We have taken more care and written in great detail about security & preventing the issues in websites in this url,


How to secure your PHP websites?

We at HostingRaja, have taken best effort to secure your website hosting as much as possible with best of our effort. Generally, there is pattern how Wordpress / Joomla websites are hacked, We have written in detail about how to secure WordPress websites.

PHP websites are hacked ONLY due to the poor coding practice followed by the developer. We have analysed all the problem of hacking in PHP websites, most of the time, Its hacked due to improper checking of the uploaded file.

Common reasons, Why PHP websites are hacked.

1. Not properly checking the uploaded files
Check for <?php tag (PHP open tag) on the uploaded file, If PHP tag is present then, this could be a hacking file. Do not allow this file, Delete it.
2. admin folder (Change the admin folder name to something else, like myscholladmin, myofficeadmin)
3. Keep a tough password for admin username and password
4. Disable file upload option in cPanel
5. Disable error reporting.
And finally, you need to learn more about how to protect your PHP based websites.

How to secure my website? How to avoid my website being hacked?

The very easiest way to secure your website is just simply by having a tough password at least with 8 characters for your website admin. It may be Joomla, or Wordpress or Drupal website or custom built PHP website, Whatever it may be the PHP framework, Just ensure to have a tough password for the admin section.

From HostingRaja, We have done all the possible steps needed to secure your website. But if you are having a weak password, then NOTHING can prevent from hacking your website. Having STRONG password is a very very important thing to secure your website.
Very often we have encountered the hacked websites are having a weak password. You might think that "my password is very tough and no one can guess my password", That's very wrong.

Example of good passwords, (Always store these passwords in Notepad or mobile phone or in Email)

Generate your password is as tough as this one.

Please go to this link to learn more about website security.

We have written in detail about the importance of tough password.
Please go to this link,

We are one of the best hosting company when it comes to security, We will explain how we are better than our competitors.

The Very Important differentiating factor is When your website is hacked or infected with malware most of the hosting companies will suspend your business and it will affect your business very badly. Under this situation, you will be clueless on how to remove the malware and what to do? It could take a couple of days or a week to fix your problem, during this time your website will be down and eMails will not be working and it affects your business very badly.

With us (HostingRaja) this is not the situation, We will take care of your malware or virus problem. We have developed an automatic scanning malware & removal system, Which takes of your problem. You can be happy and relaxed with us.

But ensure to keep a very tough password for all your websites/cPanel and everything in HostingRaja. Your password should have at least 8 to 12 characters. Use this link to generate the password.

Not only this, There are many various steps taken to protect your website. We can not list all the methods here as it will expose our security strategy.

  • Disabling certain PHP functions which can expose PHP vulnerabilities
  • Accidental removal prevention of your files or server crash due to admin error
  • Shell Fork Bomb Protection
  • Dynamic loading of certain libraries to prevent malicious attempt of misusing system resources
  • CSF firewall installed & configured
  • Malicious file uploading disabled by hackers using CXS
  • Bruteforce attack prevention for the Wordpress wp-login
  • CXSFTP enabled for security purpose
  • suPHP and suEXEC enabled to enable security of PHP
  • Prevent email spamming by RBL
  • Maldet automatic scanning
  • Firewall blocking based on the required ports only
  • Monitoring & Keeping the Email Queue spam free and faster movement of emails
  • Prevention against slowris attack
  • Symbolic links disabled to prevent affecting websites using symbolic links
  • Exim Email servers are modified & configured for safe delivery of eMails
  • cagefs to isolate and secure each accounts hosting with shared hosting
  • Securing your /tmp folder by preventing any malicious files being uploaded and executed
  • Automatic weekly backup setup
  • Safeguard for Accidental account termination
  • mySql server security setup and prevention

We have not listed all the security features done by our security team, These are some of the examples of what we have done.

We have done extensive security arrangements for the servers, to avoid any malware or server related issues. But if you keep a weak password for your websites, then these steps cannot keep your website safe.