Connecting to the Cloud through VMware vSphere Client

VMware vSphere Client is a virtualization software that enables you to handle VMware based cloud web server straightforwardly from a desktop system. With the help of this application you can easily connect, handle and at the same time you can monitor your VMware Cloud Servers from your PC. By using this Client you can too save reports in XLS format in order to utilize resources for instance vCPU, RAM, Memory etc.

Continue as given below to download the software:

  • Go to the segment "vSphere Client" from the left side menu.

  • Hit the DOWNLOAD tab available on the page.

  • Download the software called VMware-viclient5.exe.

  • Hit Run button

  • Extract the software files.

  • Choose the language.

  • Complete the installation process.

To make use of it you need to establish a VPN connection with HostingRaja structure making use of Forticlient SSL VPN available in the cloud computing software section.

  • Initiate the software which can be obtained from the Windows start menu- Start -> Programs -> FortiClient -> FortiClient SSL VPN

  • Put the values which can be recovered from the area "vSphere Client" from the left side menu.

to create the connection, for example:

Web Server Address: type

User name: type AWI-1574

Password: Enter the password of your account

Once you have created the VPN connection by hitting the Connect button, initiate the software VMware vSphere Client which can be obtained from start menu of Windows server- Start -> Programs -> VMware -> VMware vSphere Client

Making use of the credentials which as regained from the segment vSphere Client available on the left side.

In the segment vSphere Client Connection data

User name: type your user name

Password: Your cloud server account management password

When you have gotten to the product you can deal with the VMware Cloud Servers. Case screen-shots of the product:

  • Application screen

  • List of all Cloud Servers.

  • Choices available to export a Report.

  • Choice to export a Report

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