How to Configure a load balancer in server?


Today big business is using the cloud hosting for their website and the reason behind it is that with the help of cloud server they can easily manage and their website. Not only that go with Linux cloud server all have the capacity to handle high web traffic. Moreover, today if you are using Linux cloud server then you can access to your website file and data from anywhere at any time. And today if you are already using Linux cloud server for your website and now if you are looking for information on how to configure the load balancer then here is the complete information on it.


Using load balancer is one of the best options where it increases the capacity and reliability of your applications. Not only that if you are using a load balancer for your website then it also improves the overall performance of your application by decreasing the burden on your servers which are associated with managing and maintaining. So Mission-critical web-based applications and workloads require a high availability (HA) solution. So in the load balancer, it distributes your workloads across two or more servers, network links and it also maximizes its resources and minimizes your response time by this way it will avoid the overload. And with the help of HostingRaja load balancer, it enables you to quickly load balance multiple cloud servers or external servers for optimal resource utilization.



Follow the below steps to  Configure a load balancer in Linux cloud server:


>>> First log into your Linux cloud control panel


>>> Now in there you need to click n servers


>>> Now in creating resources option you will find load balancer click on that


>>> Next under the identification you need to enter the name for your new load balancer and select the region.


>>> Now under configuration select one of the following choices for Virtual IP.


Accessible on the Public Internet: In here it allows any two servers with public IP addresses to be load balanced.


On the HostingRaja service network: If you choose this then this is the best option for load balancing two cloud servers because here it allows the load balancing traffic to run on the HostingRaja Cloud internal network or ServiceNet.


Shared VIP on Another Load Balancer: You can use this option when you want to multiple services on a different port when you are using the same virtual IP address.


>>> Once you choose the configuration, now you need to choose the protocol and port as per your requirements.


>>>  Now choose the suitable algorithm for your load balancer.


>>> Now under the add notes you need to click add linux cloud server option to set your load balancer and to operate on one or more of your cloud servers.


>>> And if you want to add more external nodes then you need to click on Add external node option and enter the IP address and port of the service that you want to load balanced.


>>> At last, you need to click on Create Load Balancer.