How to Install and Uninstall KernelCare on Linux

The Kernel care is a real-time kernel patching solution and it offers the bug fixes and security patches for numerous popular Linux kernels and it can be installed without rebooting the system. KernelCare was introduced to the Linux community around 2008. Later the groups began to develop different implementations of the concept. KernelCare is one of the leading implementations and it was originally released on March 2014 by Cloud Linux, Inc.

KernelCare is a service which offers necessary updates for running the kernel, also removing the requirement to reboot the server. The kernel is that the central module of the OS (Operating System). As KernelCare is the part of the operating system which loads faster, and it is being stored the main memory. As it is being stored in the main memory, it's necessary for the kernel to be as small as possible whereas still providing all the essential services needed by different parts of the OS and applications. The KernelCare is very important parts of the operating system and it is responsible for the process, memory management, task management, risk management and much more. Mostly the KernelCare connects the system hardware to the application software.

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Installation of KernelCare:


To install the KernelCare on the RPM-based system, run the below command:


#  rpm -i


For installing the KernelCare on Debian system, run the below command:


#  wget

#  dpkg -i kernelcare-latest.deb

To check if the new patches applied

#  /usr/bin/kcarectl –info


KernelCare will automatically analyze for the latest patches every 4 hours. If you require to run the update manually:


#  /usr/bin/kcarectl –update


KernelCare Uninstallation:


For Uninstalling the KernelCare run the below command as root privileges:


#  yum remove kernelcare


For disabling the KernelCare automatic updates


Edit file /etc/sysconfig/kcare/kcare.conf




For viewing the current version of KernelCare:


To view the current version of KernelCare run the below command as root:


#  /usr/bin/kcarectl –uname


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