How to Install Git on Linux 

Wish to know how to install git on Linux VPS server? Then you have reached to the right place. In this tutorial we are going to discuss how to install Git on Linux VPS server.

The Easiest Method:

Install git on ubuntu/Linux 16.04 using apt.

This method of installation utilizes Ubuntu’s default repositories.


You could begin by updating your local package index.

sudo apt-get update

Once you are done with updation, the next step will be installing git on your system.

sudo apt-get install git

The command given above will assist you to download Git in your system as well how to install git on your system.

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Tough Way: Install Git on Ubuntu 16.04 server from the source.

Follow the steps given below to get the most recent version of git and git server download on your system for Linux VPS server hosting.

1st Step:

First of all you have to update the local package directory.

Before you start, you have to install the software that git relies upon.

-> sudo apt-get update

-> sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libexpat1-dev gettext unzip

Have a look at the screenshot given below to get the clear idea what you have to at the time of downloading the package for your Linux VPS server.

You can tap on it and select tag, at that point you can choose the most recent form of git.

Ignore the rc versions.

Choose the most recent version that does not come with rc.

Once you are done with that, tap on the clone or download option. At that point right-tap on the download zip option and copy the link address.

2nd Step:

Paste the copied link to your ubuntu server after the wget command.


The above command with download te zip file to your system or pc.

Now unzip the file you downloaded.

At that point set the current registry to git.


cd git-*

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3rd Step:

The following step is tied in with making the package.

Utilize the make command as given below.

make prefix=/usr/local all

At present, we are going to utilize ubuntu git clone command to clone the repository.

This git clone charge illustration will enable you to see how the command functions.

You will require a URL for cloning. Come back to the mirror. Copy the URL.

Assign your home directory as the present directory .

cd ~

git clone -O

The code given above is going to create a new directory in you primary directory.

This is performed to overwrite the old variant with the most recent form.

cd git

make prefix=/usr/local all

sudo make prefix=/usr/local install

The above code will install git on your Ubuntu/Linux VPS server.