How to reset the mysql root password on debian ubuntu


If you have forgotten the MySQL root password of your cloud hosting package, then you will be able to reset it by implying the following steps on:

You need to stop the MySQL service.

  service mysql stop


In the start MySQL without password and permission checks.

mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &


Now you need to press Enter again if the output has been halted.

Now connect to the MySQL.


  mysql -u root mysql

Now you must run the following command for setting up the new password for the root user. Now you have to substitute the NEW_PASSWORD  with a new password.

Now you can update the user  SET password=PASSWORD('NEW_PASSWORD') WHERE user='root';

Here are the advantages of using a Cloud server for your website:




So currently if you are using shared hosting for your website and now if you want to move to the higher plan then it is difficult where it will affect your website. Whereas if you are using cloud server hosting for your website and now in here if you want to move to a higher plan or if you want to downgrade the plan then you can easily do in the cloud server. You can easily scale your required resources up and down as per your requirements. By having this easy scalability option it permits you a flexibility where you can make any change as per your desires amendment.


One of the biggest advantages of using cloud hosting is that you can easily access to your data at any time at any place. Yes in cloud hosting you can even access to your corporate data on your mobile phone by this way it ensures that no one is ever left out of the circle. So by this, it helps your business to have an easy workflow with less stress and you can use this feature to keep instantly up-to-date with clients and coworkers.


If you are using cloud hosting service for your website then it gives you greater security like a dedicated server. So today if you have stored some of your data on any device and later if you have lost that device then you no need to worry about your data because as you are using the cloud server you can access it no matter what happens to your machine. Moreover, if you want you can even wide that data from that device.