Is Windows Solution better or Linux


Most of the time people are confused in choosing the right and best hosting for their website and moreover, most of the people are stuck in choosing the right operating system that is Windows or Linux. For those who are confused, we would like to say that, each of the operating systems has its own advantages and disadvantages it all depend on how you take.

Most of the time these type of confusions can be found with the beginning who are trying to create a website and register a domain name for the first time.


According to us, Linux platform is famous for its stability and it is also been famous for open source system where it can easily customize by the developer. This means that if you want to make any changes on your website, you can do it easily with Linux. Also, Windows platform is more widely-spread in terms of its general popularity.  It is also a very well known operating system and is faster to work with for those who are already familiar with Microsoft patterns.

Here are few differences between Linux and Windows:

1. Usually, Windows charges more than Linux the reason behind it is that Windows is powered by Microsoft and they did not release Windows Server operating systems for free.

2. In Linux you can use some not so exclusive web technologies and in Windows hosting you can use web technologies such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL. And it is quite impossible to run an efficient IIS web server on Linux servers.

3. It is known fact that Windows operating systems are much easier to use than Linux systems. But in Linux, it does have desktop applications but most users are more accustomed to Windows UI.

4. Most of the time Windows platform can be host not only on custom created and maintained websites/web applications, but it can also host Microsoft released web products such as the Exchange Server. But on Linux server, this is not possible.

5. All major services that you are looking forward to run in your website are available in Linux based system. In Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP are being used together to provide the better infrastructure for those most traffic intensive sites on the internet.

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Which one do you pick?

Out There- there are a lot of people who say that Linux is better than Windows or that Windows is better than Linux. We would like to say that and you also need to need to keep in mind that both Windows and Linux are well-functioning OSs with different strengths and weaknesses. All you need to do is to pick the right one depending on your need.


One can easily make this distinction if you would need ASP or.NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. If you are looking for these features then you can choose Windows web plan. on the other hand, if you are looking for PHP Perl, WordPress, MySQL or Blogging Software, then you should go with Linux web plan.

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