How to reboot your cloud?


Today a lot of businesses are using the cloud servers for their website and the reason behind it is that if you are using a cloud server then you can easily handle and manage your website. Not only that you can also easily access to your business files and data. Moreover, if you are using Windows cloud server then you can scale more efficiently, and also get better features and advantages. So today companies using a cloud server for their business will get better data protection with high availability and disaster recovery.


But today if you are using a cloud server for your website and now if you are looking for information on how to reboot your Windows cloud server then here is the complete information on it. And today you can reboot your Linux cloud server in two ways. First, a soft reboot where it uses the operating system's reboot process and makes sure that all the applications are shut down easily. And the second is via a hard reboot that stops the situation and then restarts it, which is similar to turning a computer off and on. It is recommended that to use soft reboot of your Linux cloud server and you can use hard reboot only when your  server is not responding.




Follow the below steps to reboot your cloud server:


>>> Soft reboot

So to perform the soft reboot of your server first you need to log into your server by using admin account of that server. So once after login to the server, for the command, you need to use soft reboot your server and look for the appropriate part of your server operating system:


>> For Linux operating system use the below command


sudo reboot


>> For Windows operating system -

1. First, you need to open setting in the Charms Bar

2. Click on power and restart

3. Next, click on Start and click the arrow next to shut down and then select the restart from that menu.


And if you want you can also do soft reboot using the command-


shutdown /r


>>> Hard reboot

If there no response for your server-side or your server was shut down manually then you can perform hard reboot with the help of cloud control panel and this helps in simulate power cycling the server.  


1. First, log in to your cloud control panel

2. Now in the top navigation bar click on the server

3. Next, click on cloud servers and then click on the gear icon which is next to the server that you want to reboot

4. Now click on reboot

5. In the pop-up dialog box, click Reboot Server.


>>> Halt a server

If you want you can also shut down your server and you can put it into a halted state where none of your applications and operating system will run nor work. You need to perform a hard reboot using the Cloud Control Panel to restore the halted server.


And to halt a server you need to have remote access to your server so by using an admin account and permission you can reboot it.


>> For Linux operating system- You need to log in as a sudo and enable user via SSH and then need to enter the below command


sudo shutdown -h now


>> For Windows operating system- First you need to log in to your server and then you need to issue a shutdown request by clicking start and next shut down.


You can also shut down by using the below command-


shutdown /s