Why smart server is best compared to normal dedicated server?

Having served more than 150000 customers, We have learned many lessons. One of the important lesson learned is the benefit of smart dedicated compared to the physical dedicated server. We have 18+ years of experienced CTO (Cheif Technical Offer), based on the guideline set by our technical team, We have made certain rules to provide the best experience.



Smart Dedicated Server Dedicated Server

Hardware Failures

When there is a hardware failure such as RAM, Disk, Power Supply, In Smart server, You can migrate the data from backup and run your website application in less than 1 hour

There are 1000s of components in a server, When any components fail, then your website is down. You need to bring the engineers to data center and find out the problem and fix the problem. This can take up to 4 to 8 hours. So, There is a possibility that, your website can be down up to 8 hours.

Quick Backup & Restore

In the event of unexpected problems, such as OS corruption, Kernel corruption, DB corruption, accidental deletion of files or DB, You can set up a new smart dedicated host in less than 30 minutes from backup.

In the event of unexpected problems, such as OS corruption, Kernel corruption, DB corruption, accidental deletion of files or DB, setting up a new dedicated host, can take up to 2 ~ 4 hours.

RAM/CPU Upgrade

Assume, Your website is getting more hits/visitors. Then you need to increase the resources, In smart dedicated host, You can increase the RAM in less than 5 minutes.

In dedicated host, If there is no memory slot available, then you have to move all your data to a new server with lots of downtime. Migration of data and setting up a new server can take up to 1 ~ 2 working days

Add extra disk space

You can add extra disk space, in less than 5 minutes.

Adding extra disk space in dedicated host is a tedious work. Every server comes with fixed amount of disk slot/bay, Which can not be increased. Assume you buy a server with 8 disk slots, If you want to add more disk slot, You have to go with brand new server. Generally, this takes around 1 ~ 2 working days.

Loss of data

Even in the event of loss of data, you can recover quickly.

Very high scope of losing of data, When there is a disk failure or disk corruption. (If there is no RAID)

Quick Recovery in the event of disaster

Less than 1 hour

1 day to 3 days, based on the situation. Example, Kernel or OS corruption can be fixed in less than 8 hours. Some issues, could take more than 2 days.

(Scale up or Scale down)

You can scale up or down in less than 15 minutes.

Purchase and setting up of new hardware (servers), can take up to 2 days to 5 days

More IOPS, More Disk on RAID 10

Our smart dedicated server comes with more disks on RAID 10. As each disk comes with at least 10K IOPS, the more disks you have on RAID the more IOPS your server gets it.

Various vendors provide multiple combinations of disks and check for RAID 10 before buying the server to get more IOPS, More IOPS is directly related to server performance.



Note: Due to the above reasons, We prefer smart dedicated host over bare metal servers.  

You may have a question that, Is it same as VPS?
No, In VPS, You dont get guaranteed & dedicated RAM and CPU. In smart dedicated server, You get guaranteed RAM and CPU which is fully committed to your server.

We use virtualization technology such as VMWare, Which allocates fixed amount of resources in terms of RAM, CPU and disk and does hardware level virtualization. In terms of performance, Smart dedicated host will certainly on par or better than physical dedicated host due to fine-tuning and performance improvement done by us.