Linux Machine - Change all the password for security reasons


As of the current situation, most of the people are using the web hosting services and website for their business. And today one of the topmost priority and concern of a website owner is that to keep his website safe from the spammers and hacker. And for this reason, you may come across a situation where you need to change the password of Linux server for some security reasons. So below is the complete information on how to change all the password for security reasons.

Before going to the resolution on how to change all the password for security reasons, do you know what is dedicated hosting means? Dedicated hosting is a hosting service where a client is entitled to fully managed a dedicated server for his needs. And in the dedicated server, it does not share any of its hardware or software with any other organization’s websites. And the entire server itself will be leased from us to our client and will be physically housed in a data center.

Sometime,You may want to reset all the passwords of your linux server. It may be due to routine security auditing or preventing actions or you might notice unusual behaviour in your linux secured dedicated server.

Whatever it may be the reason,It is good to keep changing your server password in frequent interval.

Changed the root password with following commands

How to change the root password in your linux dedicated hosting box.


New password

Confirm password

Changed the Zadmin password with

setzadmin --set new password

Password changed! Noted

Mysql Root password !

Changed the password with the following method

use mysql;

update user set password=PASSWORD("newpassword") WHERE User="root";

updated the same in passwords.txt

Note: please update all the passwords into passwords.txt.

Update the same into




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