508 Resource Limit Reached errors

Most of the businesses today are using the website to promote their brand also get connected to the people around the world and showcasing their products and services to them. And today when you are using a website you may come across an error message that is- "508 Resource Limit Reached". In that case, you no need to worry about it and you can resolve this issue by your self. And you are getting this message due to over usage of your allocated resources. All you need to do is just follow the below steps.


In this article we focus on some tips for a website owner to be able to identify the cause and some practical remedies to this common problem amongst people using shared plans.

You can check the resource usage of your account by logging into your cPanel and Metric sections. You can also view the real time live resource usage of your account by logging into your cPanel and looking at the statistics the right hand side of the page.



The 508 Resource Limit Reached errors are generated by the cPanel based servers which are running Cloudlinux. The 508 error is generated by one of two things occurring on the server.

1) Memory usage (your account has exceeded the amount of memory allocated to your cPanel account and there is no available memory allocated to your account for the server to process your request as the memory is in use by other requests on the account)

2) Entry processes exceeded (your account has exceeded the amount of entry processes allowed that can be run simultaneously on the account how many PHP scripts that running at a single time)

The 508 limits are an essential part of being able to provide stable shared environment. There are many reasons you may get one and they are the result of your website hosting account using more resources than the hosting provider has allocated the account.

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