Should my Company Buy Tally ERP 9 or Tally Server? How are they Different?

Tally ERP 9

Tally.ERP9 is the essential software which comes in two variations i.e. either single client or multi client.

A single client might be installed on various machines on a LAN network yet can be utilized just on any one single machine at once, the license dwells on the one machine that you wish to make the server which will issue both license and information to any of alternate machines subject to it isn't being utilized on some other machine, aside from this you may give remote access rights to 1 remote client only.

Where as in the event of multi client every one of the machines on the LAN network will all the while get both license and information access, if there should be an occurrence of remote access you may give 10 such remote clients to get to information remotely

Tally Server

Tally SERVER 9 does not give any this kind of access rights, it assumes it's part as a backbone support to a multi client LAN environment, it ought to be taken after  considering about different actualities about the environment. Because of extensive number of entries or other Hardware and Networking factors it might so happen that the nearby clients may begin feeling that the product is working moderate in such a case Tally SERVER9 can help up the speed of essential software. Preferably Tally ERP9 works away at  first come first serve model and keeps up a queue of requests, for example the client who has first asked for will get first response.

Tally Server can enhanced by expelling this obstacle of the queue administration and give simultaneous information access to the information to every one of the clients. Because of which a client begins feeling that the work is more smooth.

The environment that you have clarified here about having 10 local clients and 10 branches. I would recommend you to first purchase a multi client which will give you different clients locally and 10 remote clients cost will be more much for Indian edition. You should take note of that however it gives 10 remote access client rights the said remote clients may feel that the working is moderate at their end in which case you may/should purchase single client licenses for each such branch, and set up synchronization between H.O. what's more, branches which will smoothen the procedure extra cost would be little higher  for every single client Indian license. After the setup completes if the local clients begin feeling that the speed of work is slow than you may go for Tally SERVER9 , to know the cost of Tally server 9 feel free to contact our sales team today.

By doing this your organization will also be clever enough to step by step reduce the hosting cost as well as fully understand how it works.