Contact Form for Creating Website



Contact Form:


A contact form is essentially a set of queries filled out on the webpage by your website visitor that's automatically sent to your email once it's filled out. Create a website Contact Form will allow customers to contact you to inquire about your products and services.


Contact Form is a kind of feature that enables visitors on a Portfolio to directly contact and engage with the portfolio owner. The customizations for Contact Form are limitless either you require a basic information or require a more depth in response.


Important reasons why you need a Contact Form:


1)Spam: Placing your email address on a contact page permits spam bots to search it and potentially will increase the number of spam you receive.


2)Appearance: A contact form will simply look more professional than slapping your email address on a webpage. You would require your website to look good as much possible.



3)Accurate delivery: Your contact form will have a drop-down menu of all the departments in your company.  The user will select the department they require to contact and their email is being sent there. If you only list the e-mail addresses of thirty departments or staff on your contact page. Lazy users are going to email either the first address they see or maybe even all of the addresses on the list instead of seeking for the proper department or worker.


4)Convenience: With a contact form, you'll be able to control the subject line of the emails users sends you. You'll be able to manage the e-mail address those emails are sent from. You'll be able to store the emails you receive in a database to receive them through your email customer. All of this will make it easier for you to search out specific emails, search them, gather statistics on your users and keep higher track of who is contacting you and why.