Customizing Product URLs On Website Builder


Today website plays an important role in all the sector of the business. The reason behind it is that today more and more people are using the internet service. And it is one of the best channels of communication where you can showcase your business products and services to the people all over the world. And today you can also find a lot of ecommerce website where it saves a lot of time on shopping.




If you are having an ecommerce hosting website and if you are looking to  Customizing  Your Product URLs then here is the information on that. First of all the link to products on your website are automatically generated based on the name you give each product. If you want to customize your product URL then you can do it through product permalinks. In there, your product will have the actual name which you have given, and you can shorten your actual page URL.



You can easily customize your product URL then go to store> select products and select the product which you want to edit. Click on the advanced option and there you will find the permalink option. In there you can enter letters as well numbers that you want, but you cannot use special characters or space in there. Once you are done then save the changes that you have made. And then you will find the new custom URL on your website.