Themes of Sitepad to Create a Website

In Sitepad you will be getting 309 themes. Using the themes you will be able you create an awesome website. The themes have different categories which are Business, Photography, Travel, Real Estate, Others, Portfolio, Restaurants, Blog, Personal, Event, Health, Website builder, E-Commerce, Consulting, Education, Classical, Web Hosting, Environment, Technology, Software, Sports, Coming Soon, Profile, Music, Pizza, Flowers, Lawyer, Nature.

So, you can choose from the different categories and click on it. The page will take you to that categories page where you will be able to discover many types of themes in which there will be more than 5+ themes and in some more than 10 also from which you can choose the best for your website.

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In which you will get an option to Demo in all the themes so that you can check how the theme looks exactly and if you use that theme how your website look. Every category has a different type of themes such as Business have more than 20 themes they are Hydro, Power, Ziggy, Woodwork, Packers, Amazing, Agriland, Elegant, Refreshen and many more. Same way in Photography will be having more than 15 themes such as Accord, Urban, Crystal, Green, Lumino, Tamarillo. Same way in others you will get more than 10 themes such as CCTV, Pet Care, Welder, TechFix, Bookz, Colourmate and many more. Same Way in Real Estate will be having more than 15 themes such as Renovation, Property Broker, Assembly, Ex Machina, EarthyBlue, and many more. Same way in Event you will be having more than 10 themes such as Charity, Wedding, Organizer, Broadcast, Dragonfruit, Charity ORG, and many more.