What is Sitepad Site Builder ?

Build Professional websites using an easy to use the editor and publish static web pages.It has 309 Responsive Themes which cover a wide range of categories such as blog, business, portfolio, restaurant, travel and many more.
40+ Widgets like images or video slider, images galleries, rich text, video, audio, service box, google maps, contact form, social media, many and more to help you build your website.

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Website Builder Features:

  • Website created by Sitepad are flexible and suited with all the sized screen.
  • Just pick a theme, then with a customized content add images, audio, videos and click publish.
  • 250+ Ready to use themes to use as a base for building your website.
  • Easy to use images or Videos sliders, Rich Text, Video, Audio, Image Galleries, Logo, Google Maps, Service Box and many more.
  • Clean, Easy to use, instinctual and simple user interface to give users a better experience.
  • You can create blog to publish the new posts to your website regularly.
  • You can add links to your pages on social media such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube and many more.
  • Demos helps user to preview the theme and its outlook before activating it.
  • You can add, edit and delete the menu items and subitems.
  • Rebranding options are also there which allows you to completely rebrand sitepad.
  • Create multiple sites each having different themes, content and appearance.
  • Replicate objects in the drag and drop editor interface to use the customized multiple times.
  • Create pages, blogs or both as per your need and many more.