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Follow the below steps to change your SSH Port in SELinux in your Virtual Server:


>>>> First you need to log in as a root user


>>>> Now you need to run semanage to check the settings of the port that you currently using. So use the below command


$           semanage port -l | grep ssh


>>>> Now you should be able to see something like this


ssh_port_t tcp 22


>>>> Next you need to proceed by adding your desired port number, so use the below command-


$            semanage port -a -t ssh_port_t -p tcp 5432


Note: Change 5432 port to your desired one


>>>> Now you need to run a quick check using the below command and you need to ensure that the port has  been added to the acceptable port list


$      semanage port -l | grep ssh


>>>> Once after execution of the above command you will be able to see that the desired port has been added-


ssh_port_t tcp 5432,22


>>>> Once everything is done you need to restart OpenSSH using the below command


/sbin/service sshd restart


By following the above steps it will allow you to access SSH via your desired port. Not only that you must also ensure that SSH is well configured and the port is also enabled in firewall setting as well.

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