How do I transfer the domain and hosting from BigRock?

Have a plan of transferring your domain and hosting for not getting adequate services for the money you are spending. In this ideal world, there is no need to worry about switching the web hosts. If your current website provider is not offering what you require, then it might be the time to move to a better hosting provider. Moving your site to a new web host can actually be easy if you take the right steps.

Essentials before you transfer your domain:

1) You need to make sure that the domain is not under on-hold with the old registrar, if it is on-hold then you need to contact your old domain registrar to remove it.  

2) A domain which is newly registered or less than 60 days cannot be transferred based on the ICANN terms and conditions.

3) The domain cannot be transferred if the domain is locked, most of the registrar's lock the domain for good security. So you need to unlock this while transferring the domain, unlocking the domain must be done only while transferring the domain.

Transfer Hosting in simple steps & get 40% OFF

Click here and Sign up for hosting. Once you make the payment, Go to step 02
Send us the hosting details like FTP, cPanel Password or Hosting Server SSH details and DB details of your old hosting
Our team will start the migration. Once the migration is over, we will test it and update you
Make sure that your website is up & running by being constant touch with our support team

Note : Ensure that, You have at least 1 week time to transfer the hosting. Though we might be able to transfer it in few days, Sometime due to technical issue, the Transfer will take about a week (If there is any technical issue).

Note : We do not transfer more than 5 websites or domains in a single reseller or unlimited hosting package. If there are more than 5 websites/domains, you need to take care of transferring files/websites.

Some of the problem or issues encountered while migrating the website

1. Generally, the client provides the wrong username and password of the cPanel account. Due to this, We are not able to transfer/migrate the files/websites.
2. Due to the slow response from the other server, We may not be able to download the file quickly. Or The download will break often, hence migration/transfer of your website may be affected.
3. The huge amount of data. If you have more than 5GB of data, then you have to download the file and upload in our server. If possible, We will upload it.
4. The website may not work once transferred due to configuration / cPanel version mismatch. (PHP/Mysql version mismatch)
5. Your old service provider may not have a proper control panel such as cPanel, in this case, the migration will be delayed or affected.
6. Sometime, Old service provider might prevent our server IP address from downloading
7. In Windows, We do not migrate your account without RDP access. In Windows, we DO NOT migrate your Emails.
8. If your hosting account expires within a few days, We are not responsible for the transfer failure. Ensure that, at least 5 ~ 7 working days are provided to us to transfer the website. However, in most of the cases, We transfer the website/file within a day.
9. If you have root access, then it will be even more convenient.
10. Ensure that you have at least 3 times of the disk space in the new/destination server before starting the migration.

In all the cases, We strongly recommend you to keep a backup of your website in your local machine or laptop or pen drive. Once the backup is downloaded, Ensure that It is working fine.

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Generating the authorization code for transferring the Domain Name:

The authorization code for the domain name refers to the EPP code or Auth code. It is unique for every domain and offered by your registrar while registering the domain name. During the domain registration, Auth/EPP code provides an additional level of security. You need the EPP code or the auth code while transferring the domain from one registrar to another registrar. The EPP or Auth code of the domain acts as a password and ensures that only owner of the domain can transfer the domain name.

You need to provide the EPP code to the new registrar for transferring the Domain name. The domain transfer depends on the time taken by the owner to confirm the transfer and also the time taken by the current registrar to accept or reject the transfer. Usually, the domain transfer might take 7 to14 days to get transferred.

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How to transfer your website from BigRock?

1) Transferring the files to a new hosting account: The most suitable way to transfer the website's files to your new hosting account is through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You must connect to the hosting account and download the files locally to the computer. And later upload them to your new account's main folder.

2) Transferring site databases: Need to export the database content from the old account and create the new database into your new company and then import the data in it. For more information on importing and exporting the databases contact our support team members.

3) Setting application on the new host and DNS changes: This completely depends on the site application which is being used by you. At last, you need to change the nameservers for the domain name to point to the new hosting account. This must be done by your domain registrar.

Get 40% off on transferring to HostingRaja:

1) Sign up for hosting. Once you make the payment, Go to step 02.

2) Send us the details like FTP, cPanel Password or Hosting Server SSH details and DB details of your old account.

3) Our team members will start the migration. Once the migration is completed, it will be tested and updated to you.

4) And finally, you need to Make sure that your website is up and running by being constant touch with our support team members.

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