Updating database credentials for joomla website

First, you need to verify that you are having the correct database password and user. If the database user is not having the access to a given database the website is using then the site will not be able to connect. Now you need to verify the user and password information by using the access domain to log in the phpMyAdmin. You need to use the database manager utility in the account center for creating or modifying the users, permissions, and passwords.

You need to login to the Account Center and then navigate to the Grid file manager. Then you need to the site configuration.php file and then click on the edit button which is on the right side of the menu. If you want you can also access the information via an SSH connection and then edit it using the text editor.

Now you need to identify the database connection information and always be sure that you copy the contents of the file to a notepad or the utility before editing it.

Verifying or updating the settings as per the needs:

Dbtype should be set to the ‘mysqli’.

The database host is the address of the database server. Unless you have been connected to an external database the database hostname should be set to 'internal-db.s00000.gridserver.com'. Now you need to replace this information with the information which is provided by the server provider.

The database username can be set properly in configuration.php, but the assigned user doesn't have the permission to access the database. One must make sure that the database username is set to the user that is having the permission of accessing the database. This will more likely to be an issue if you have been recently migrated to the Joomla website from a different location and you haven't created the database user or if you haven't given the users the proper permission.

If you are not sure about the database password, you need to reset the database users password and then use the new password in the password field.

Db is the name of the database which Joomla connects to. For 1-click installation, it should be automatically correct unless you have made any type of changes.

Dbprefix is the prefix which is applied to each of the database tables. It will allow multiple websites or the applications to share the same database as long as each of it is having a different prefix. In the majority of the cases, it will remain set as the default,’drup_’,

Now you need to verify if the permissions have been set properly and then click save. The database credentials should be updated to the proper settings if you are not able to see the website you need to try clearing the cache.