Upgrade to Virtual Machine

If you are using cPanel shared hosting and looking for more resources for hosting option with dedicated resources, you can upgrade your shared hosting to VPS hosting anytime. We provide our customer with HR panel which is more secure and easy to use as compare to cPanel.

Note: This topic describes how to upgrade from cpanel shared hosting to VPS hosting. If you are looking for more resources on your shared hosting account you can upgrade to premium hosting plans.

Before You Start with Upgradation Process:

Before you start upgradation of your shared hosting account to VPS hosting, there are some factors you need to consider:

Migration Process: When you upgrade your account to VPS hosting, you are actually switching from one server to another one. Once you request for upgradation process, you need to update DNS record of your domain, but you don’t have to worry about it because our support team will do it for you. If your domain is with other service provider, you will need to update nameserver records to point then to your new HostingRaja VPS hosting account.

Server Resources - Mostly in VPS hosting you will have more server resources as compare to shared hosting service. VPS hosting is one of the best and ideal solution for business websites with huge traffic and also you will have less resources limit or even no resources limit in VPS hosting account. If you have any older backup in your hosting account you need to delete that in order to make migration process and successful.

How to upgrade from Shared to Virtual Server

In order to upgrade your shared hosting account to VPS or any other plan, you need to contact our support team which is available round the clock to server our valuable clients. You can contact our support team via live chat, email, toll-free and ticket system ask them to upgrade your account. Account upgradation process normally take 20-40 minutes based on the size of your website data.