Using SSH in PuTTY on Windows


PuTTY is a free to use and open source software application available for Windows 95, 98, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 which can utilized to create an SSH connection to your web server. You can easily download this application from PuTTY’s official website.

Before you begin, you will need:


  • Your SSH access login details.

  • You should be known with connecting to your web server using SSH access



  • Download PuTTY by visiting PuTTY official web page, looks like putty.exe.

  • Save the download file to your system’s C:\WINDOWS folder.

  • If you wish to have a link to PuTTY on your desktop’s screen:

    • Go to the C:\WINDOWS folder in Windows file explorer.

    • Right click on file named as putty.exe and choose sent to desktop

  • To launch the application double click on the putty.exe file or you can also click desktop shortcut.

Fill your connection settings to configure putty:


  • Host Name (or IP address):

  • Port: 22 (leave it as it is)

  • Connection Type: SSH (leave it as it is)

  • Hit open to begin the SSH session.

  • In case you are connecting to the web server for first time from this system, you will view the following result. Just accept the connection by hitting yes button.


  • You should able to view the terminal window asking for your username, once SSH connection is established:

         login as:

  • Connect using the user of your choice

  • On next step you need to type the password of particular user. Here in the terminal window you will not see your mouse pointer moving, at the time of entering password. Press enter key.

    Using keyboard-interactive authentication.

  • Now you are logged in to your web server via SSH access, you should able to view result such as:

After this you can start typing commands at the prompt.