The website is showing testing 123 error

In this page, we will discuss on error: testing 123 error, you will face this error when you try to access your website in this browser, let us understand about this error and discuss the solution.

The website is showing testing 123 error in the browser. You have to ensure that, your domain is pointing to the proper IP address provided by HostingRaja and all sources codes are available on appropriate path still showing this error. Sometimes, We get this problem from customers, whose domain is pointing to some other hosting providers. Once you confirm that, you have your domain pointing to correct address.

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Why this has been issue occurred?
This issues may be due to any one of the following problem with HostingRaja VPS or cloud.

1.  SSL certificate might have expired few days ago.

2. Ensure that you have placed your source code correctly under the proper path. For example, you have to place your index.php or index.html file in the public_html directory.

3. In Linux VPS or cloud operating system, the case of the file is sensitive. Whereas in Windows OS, it is case-insensitive OS. In linux Index.html and index.html, both are different files, where as in Windows, It it considered as a same file. A cloud operating system will manage, operate the process involved in virtual machines which includes virtual servers and its resources with the cloud environment. The functions in the cloud operating system will depend on the virtual environment you choose.  You will be able to manage your tasks wherever you are in a cloud environment.

4. Files or Folders which is placed under HostingRaja VPS or Cloud Server is not having proper Permissions and Ownership.

5. Having more than 1 folder related to ssl certificate.For example, folder name and will be present under the path /etc/letsencrypt/live/ So that apache server fails to identify which folder needs to take into consideration.

6.  SSL Certficate is not present for your domain which is hosting under HostingRaja VPS or Cloud Sever,  but you are trying to access your domain with https on the web browser. One of the major purposes fulfilled by an SSL certificate is to encrypt an information so that it is readable only by the intended parties.  Hence an SSL will insert the characters in original information so that one is have an access to it until they have an encryption key.


How can we overcome it?
Follow the below steps to prevent from the problem which is mentioned above:

1. SSL Certificate Expiry: If your domain is having SSL Certificate, you need to verify whether ssl certificate is expired or not using this url i.e

If your domain is running completely on https including images,videos,contents then all these files  will stop working and cannot be accessed.

You need to renewal the SSL Certificate using the following steps:

Login to ssh using server credentials provided by HostingRaja.

Go to the path using command:  cd /usr/local/letsencrypt
Run the below command:
sudo -H ./letsencrypt-auto certonly --standalone --renew-by-default -d  -d

Restart the apache using the command:

service httpd restart

Before purchasing a domain name one must check if there is an availability of domain name to be purchased or if it already purchased. You can check the availability of domain name by typing in your domain name in the space provided on top of the website. Go to the browser and once again check the domain along with https. Your Problem
is resolved.
2.  Index File Missing: Kindly check for index.html or index.php file which is present under the proper path.If you noticed that the mentioned index.html or index.php file is not found under public_html you need to Create or upload index file and give appropriate file permission and give ownership as apache
3. Case Sensitive: In linux Index.html and index.html, both are different files, where as in Windows, It it considered as a same file So you need to check whether index file is written, In case sensitive or not For example: If you found index file name as Index.php you need  to replace it as index.php.

4. Permissions & Ownership: The source code which is placed under appropriate path  For Example, public_html must be given with proper file and folder permissions along with proper ownership as apache, by default it will be root.
Use the following command you can change file/folder permissions and ownership:

    chmod -R 644 foldername/
    chown -R apache:apache public_html/

5. More than 1 SSL certificate folder: SSL certificate module is present under HostingRaja HR Panel for generating SSL Certificate.If you are installing the ssl certificate for your Domain name mutiple times will generate multiple ssl certificate files results in this error.
This issue is present in older version of  HR panel  upto 1.8 and it is resolved under v1.9
If 2 folder related to ssl certficate for same domain is found under etc/letsencrypt/live/

which will be seen as :
Remove the file which is repeated again with 001.

This issue is arised if you delete the SSL certficate and try to install it manually mutiple times.

Note: Kindly install SSL using SSL module in hr panel don’t do manual installation.

6. SSL not present: Check for the  SSL certificate is present for your particular domain or not if you are trying to open the domain name with https which is not having any SSL certificate it will give you the error which is mentioned above.You need to install SSL certificate for the domain and then use https along with domain name will resolve the error.

You can check if your domain has SSL, using a SSL checker


This issue is present only under the older version of HR panel up to v1.8 and fixed under v1.9

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our technical team members as they are available 24/7 via phone call, email, ticket system or call out toll-free no 1800-123-8642.