What all are the prerequisites to learn Node JS Hosting

NodeJS can be defined as an open source, cross stage server-side runtime environment that built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, or in simple words it is JavaScript runtime environment which has everything needed for executing a javascript program.

Node.js has been developed by the javascript developers and enlarged it from something which could only run in the browser to something you could run on your machine in terms of standalone application.


It is utilized to manufacture quick, versatile server-side web applications. The occasion-driven, non-blocking I/O display it makes Node.js lightweight and effective and cross-platform runtime environment for building a highly scalable server-side application using JavaScript. These highlights have made plenty of engineers to embrace Node.js.


Node js can be used to build different types of applications such as command line application, web application, real-time chat application, REST API server etc. However, it is mainly used to build network programs like web servers, similar to PHP, Java, or ASP. Net.


The only requirement you should have to learn node js is you must have the knowledge of javascript. When you can handle javascript then you can easily deal with the node js.


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Some of the corporate users of Node.JS software are IBM, NetFlix, Paypal, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other companies prefer NodeJS for their website because of its exclusive features.

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Importance of NodeJS:


1) Increased Productivity: Node.js has increased the productivity of the businesses by eliminating the gap among the front end and back end groups. There will be no any storehouses between them and the solidarity improves productivity.


2) Can be used as Proxy Server: Using as a Proxy Server will also make Node.js the most used technology. Node.js fills the gap if in case the business has no infrastructure for the proxy servers but need to handle the diverse administrations asking various response rates.


3) Fast and user-friendly: Node.js gives the lightning fast speed and the increased speed is due to the V8 engine on which the Node.js is based. The V8 engine is capable of translating the JavaScript into the local machine codes and also increase the speed. And another reason for the increased speed is the making of a single string instead of multiple strings.


4) Better Hosting Services: Website Hosting services are one of the huge requirements of the businesses. Because of the worldwide use of Node.js, Hosting services are also getting good momentum. PaaS (Platform as a Service) service providers are providing the firms and businesses to use the node.js it without any issues.


Following are the advantages of Node js

  • JavaScript on both frontend and backend. No need to learn a new language. This is the main reason for its popularity.

  • It's asynchronous, nonblocking and fast.

  • Less boilerplate. Install nodejs and it takes a few lines of code to run a nodejs server.

  • Node.js is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine (V8 Engine).

  • cross-platform runtime environment used for development of server-side web   


  • Node.js applications are written in JavaScript and can be run on a wide variety of operating systems.

  • Node.js is based on an event-driven.

  • Non-blocking Input/Output.

  • Node.js also thousands of JavaScript modules which simplifies the development of web  

            applications called as NPM.

  • Single thread process.

Today learning the prerequisites of Node js gives you a special knowledge on handling your website. As Node js provides event-driven, non-blocking I/O and cross-platform you can easily build any applications using JavaScript.

 PHP has been dominant language for the web over a decade. But things are changing very fast. The web is moving towards real-time that Node JS do. Node Js Developer has high paid due to less number of developer and due to it features which does not exist in another programming language.

What is the purpose of using Node.JS?

1) Scalable and fast architecture

2) Simple to communicate with AJAX and JSON

3) It is very lightweight and easy to modify

4) User-friendly and low-cost testing and hosting

5) Will be able to reuse the codes at each and every level

6) Can use the open source community and driven modules

7) It takes less time to analyze a string or text into a logical syntactic component

8) Adaptability with Google V8 engine to improving performance


HostingRaja Node js services:

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Choosing HostingRaja for Node JS hosting means no other users will have the access to your server and by this security will be increased for your server.  And if in case the client is using the dedicated server then they will be able to control your firewall settings which will help in boosting the safety standards without the need of impacting the website performance.

Some of the features which you will be offered with HostingRaja NodeJS hosting plans are mentioned below:

1) Free Control Panel

2) Inbuilt CSS/JS optimizer

3) Multiple PHP Support

4) Full root/ssh access

5) Free SSL Certificate

6) Optimized for Speed

7) Real-time Malware Injection Scan

8) Real-time PHP Vulnerability Check

9) Email Spam filter

10) Managed services

They guarantee 99% uptime for your website and HostingRaja also provides 24/7 technical support for all hosting plans, you can contact their technical team through live chat, email, phone, and ticket system.