What all can I do from Control Panel ?

The control panel is a tool to manage hosting account and it acts as the initial interface to your web server. With the help of control panel you can manage and process crucial functions of of server. You can check the load on your server. As well as control panel is known as the resource to check status or error codes of the server. Control panel tool gives detailed analysis of problems and helps understand processor activity. In you are facing any issue with your server and want to troubleshoot the problem associated to it, you will be able to perform this with the help of control panel. You can perform backup, ad as well as remove files, programs and customize the setting based on your needs.


Things you can do with the help of Control Panel

Domain & DNS Management

You rely on domain names to access website resources. With the help of control panel tool you can manage domain names you are hosting on your server. This contains add-on domains, sub-domains as well as the domain name you are currently hosting.

Create - Subdomains

With the help of sub-domain you can create separate area or completely new web page. All while you yet utilizing your primary domain name. So you can easily add prefix to your main domain name of your website. For example help.yourdomain.in. In simple words a control panel enable you to create as many sub-domains as you require.

Add-On Domains Creation and Management

With the help of control panel tool you can add a number of domain names to your hosting account. You can easily find add-on domains inside your control panel. With the help of control panel you can assign select any add-on domain and assign it to a particular website.

DNS (Domain Name System) Management

With the help of a control panel tool you can fully customise DNS for each add-on domain on your hosting account. A control panel domain name system management process much easier and effortless.

File Manager

With the help of control panel tool you can easily upload, manage, delete, modify all your files on your web server. A control panel comes with a GUI tha permits fasten and easy file management. You can easily choose to use or not to use CMS platform such as Joomla, Magento, Wordpress. File management is regular task for website admins. In case you are facing any issue with CMS you can easily solve them using file manager.

Server Monitoring

Every website owner and system admin need to be on top of key utilization statistic, for example total visitor counts, memory consumption, web space usage and use of the amount of bandwidth. With the help of control panel you can easily identify the websites using huge amount of server resources.

Email Accounts Management

Being a website owner you must be having multiple email accounts associated to your domain names. With the help of control panel tool you can easily create, manage as well as delete these accounts. Most of web hosting packages comes with free of cost access to POP3 or IMAP email option.

TLS/SSL Management

With the help of control panel tool you will have the ability to manage SSL/TLS. This is one of the most important feature to protect your website and preventing your mission-critical data from getting intercepted. With having an SSL installed on your website you can protect the confidencial details of your valuable visitors such as credit card, debit card etc. that online hackers can easily steal.

Databases Management

The larger the site, the more clients and the more content included. Bigger sites will oversee content by methods for a database. Any CMS, for example, WordPress, will install a database on your web server. Just like the case for most of the e-commerce platforms available on the web. Numerous of hosting companies like HostingRaja provide MySQL as an open source Database Management System. With the help of Control panel tool you can easily add, remove, configure databases based on your needs.

These are the few crucial things you can do with control panel.