What are the common ssh commands?

As you know today most of the high web traffic websites are using the server for their website and the reason is that in the dedicated solution it has the capacity to handle more visitors to your website and also provides you better hosting resources. So using a server for your website definitely provides you a better and more advantage for your business. Moreover handle or using a server is much easy, because in server you will be provided with the root access to your server and with the help of that you can easily manage and handle your website and you can also run and install any application on it.

So to hand a dedicated Server you need to some of the basic, frequently used and also important commands to handle it. And today if you are looking for some of the common SSH commands for servers then here is the complete solutions for it. By knowing these common SSH commands you can easily handle your website and you can also make any changes on your server as well as on your website.

Below are some of the common SSH commands which are used in the dedicated host:

>> Home and Navigation


>> Web document root

      /home/00000/domains/testdomain.com/html/ /var/www/vhosts/testdomain.com/httpdocs/

>> To access domain and log errors

       /home/00000/logs//var/www/vhosts/testdomain.com/statistics/logs/ -

>> For domain configuration files


>> To configuration files in particular location

       /home/00000/etc/ - location of php.ini file/etc/

>>  To move into another directory


>> To specify the full path from the root of the server

       cd /var/www/vhosts/example.com/conf/

>> To go to your home directory

       cd ~

>> To check the folder in which you are working


And now you will see the  present working directory like this


>> To check the existing file in which you are working and using this command you can also see the hidden files.

        ls -alh

>>  To break down the elements of a file that are displayed when you run the ls -alh command

       -rw-r--r--  1 exampleuser psacln  1.9K Apr 10 2010 index.php

>> To copy the file to a different location


       cp logo.png image/logo.png

>> To copy the file in the same folder but with a new name


       cp index.php index.php_old

>> To move or to rename the file

       mv logo.png image/logo.png

>>  To Compressing and decompressing a file using zip

       zip -r archive_name.zip folder_to_compress

       unzip archive_name.zip

>>  To create or edit a file

       vi file.html