What is a High Availability Server?

High availability server is a term which describes the procedures, infrastructure, and system design for ensuring the specified level of availability to a particular server. Mostly availability requires the power and network connectivity along with a functional server. If in case one or all of those necessities are being compromised, then it might be unavailable. This kind of availability is frequently specified in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Most probably an amount of credits is issued if the service provider fails to achieve the agreement. The number of credits along with the level of accessibility may depend on the service provider. The metric which is used to describe the high availability service is calculated in the percentage of availability.

It will also mean that not all high availability services are equal. The term is being used for numerous levels of availability therefore, it's difficult to ask your hosting provider exactly what percentage are they providing you, and to make sure that level of availability is met in each and every step. Based on the SLA, you'll be able to get service credits once the availability agreement isn't fulfilled however most firms would rather have their servers up then get service credits. Therefore it's necessary to choose the hosting provider like HostingRaja. We have helped numerous clients in setting up of high availability.

High Availability Environment:

A high availability environment is an infrastructure and procedures added into place to make sure a high level of availability. It is typically accomplished by setting up an environment that has no single points of failure. The exact meaning is like It implies that if one aspect of the architecture were to fail, there is going to be an additional connection in place to utilize, and thus no disruption to the accessibility of the server. It also implies that multiple things should go wrong so that a server will lose availability and thus decreases the probabilities of downtime. Redundant power supply and redundant network connections are required for certification of a leading tier data center and for a high accessibility configuration. This will make sure that the power and network connectivity are provided with less chance of interruption.    

HostingRaja High Availability Server:

When it involves hosting the primary aspect we consider about the uptime of the server. It does not matter whether huge resources are configured on your server or however optimized is the website, it's necessary to be online. The reliable servers will only be able to achieve this concept. In Hostingraja we are making use of the recent technologies into our dedicated servers to provide the best uptime to our clients. In Hostingraja we offer 99.99% uptime guarantee to all our hosting plans.

In Hosting Raja, we offer the best uptime for our customers that is 99.99% uptime assurance. As our client wants their website to be on the top and perform well, to make that possible we work 24/7.  And we also guarantee that your website will load faster without any kind of downtime. Many choose HostingRaja as their hosting provider because of our 99.99% uptime guarantee. If you need any information about high availability server you can contact our sales team via live chat or toll-free no 1800-123-8642.