What is HA architecture?

High Availability architecture is a process for defining the modules, components or implementation of the services of a system and makes sure the optimal operational performance during the time of high loading. Moreover, there are no any rules which are fixed for implementing High availability systems, there are some good practices that one should follow in order to gain from the least resources. High availability architecture works as a failure response machine for the infrastructure. The way HA architecture performs is quite easy conceptually but typically needs some type of specialized software and configurations.

Is High Availability necessary?

Let us consider downtime before proceeding further. Downtime is the period of time while your network or system is not available for you to be used. Downtime will end up in huge losses, as all their services will be placed on hold once the systems are down. There are 2 kinds of downtimes- scheduled and unscheduled. A scheduled downtime means maintenance, that cannot be avoided. This consist of applying patches, upgrading software or making changes in the database. But unscheduled downtime will occur suddenly, such as hardware or software issues. This may happen because of power outages or failure of any parts. The main cause for applying the high availability architecture is to make sure that the system and application are organized to cope up with a different type of loads and failures with no downtime or a minimum downtime. There are numerous types of components to achieve the High Availability architecture.

High Availability is necessary for setting up robust production systems, minimizing downtime and interruptions of services is commonly a high priority. It depends on how reliable your systems and software are, issues will occur and may bring down your applications or the server. Implementing the high availability for your infrastructure is a useful strategy to decrease the impact of those events. High Availability systems will be able to recover from server or failure of parts automatically.

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